The Platform

Accept Elections? No way!


We hate Trump(A Great America is not fair to the rest of the world!) We want 200 genders, open borders(terrorists are people too!) confiscate all guns!(they scare us) a terrible economy, because it’s only fair if everyone is poor! Cars pollute so warm up those Nikes! Every acre of Pacific County should be a wetland, so don’t even think about starting a business here. And if you do, $20 minimum wage(or we spraypaint ‘rich ass hole‘ on your house) And lastly anyone who disagrees with us is a Nazi!

United By A Common Goal


We only want Socialist Democrats! Anyone else is a fascist, racist, bigot! (we also ♥️ Communism)

Sorry we’re to chicken shit to show ourselves on Facebook


We can’t have illegals voting, open boarders, gun grabbers, man haters, and tax-n-spenders on the left takeover America without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, donating, screaming at people out to dinner, vandalizing cars and yard signs are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. (Normally we’d link you to our Facebook page, but we went full chicken shit secret instead!) Don’t worry I can still invite you in 😉


Willapa Bay Resister of the Month!

Robert Mueller!

Facts Schmacks! Even though the will of the people has been subverted with 2 years of lies and deceit in the form of a completely false “Witch-hunt“  from mouth breathing Democrats and a complicit biased media, we are going to bury our collective heads in the kitty litter and pretend Robert Mueller has Indicted President Trump. All hail group think.